Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I give up

Oh, hey, guys.  This is me officially giving up on blogging.  I write in my journal every day, and come on, I can't do TWO THINGS.  So if you want to unfollow me, you probably should.  But I'm going to keep this so I can continue stalking you.  If you want to know about my life (why????) follow my twitter or facebook.  I totes use those social networks.  (twitter.com/hannahgrace17).  K BYE.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nineties TV dance

I'm pepperanne, just chillin' with DJ Tanner. No big.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas break.

I'm so bad at blogging.


Here what my Christmas break was:

That's basically it. It was awesome. I just partied with friends and family...all the time. It was amazing. But it's back to the old grind tomorrow. woo.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Once in a lifetime.

So, I still have no idea how to rotate pictures. One day I will not be inept. Until that day, just deal with it. Anywho....THIS HAPPENED TODAY!!!! 11/11/11 at 11:11:11 I made a very good wish. Obviously I cannot tell you what it was, but don't worry, it was good. It was probably the best minute of my life. I was in my Classical Civ class at the time, and exclaimed, "This is the most exciting minute I've ever had!" and my teacher said, "You have lived a pretty dull life." Which isn't true, because I get excited over everything, which means I live a very exciting (or at least excited) life.

Also, I just felt that these two pictures needed to be on the internet.

This picture of me being a terrifying cougar.

And this picture of me and Erin with Antoine Dodson, "singer" of the Bed Intruder Song.

Add about 10 million hours of homework, and that's my life!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Love Letter

Dear Body,
Thank you. Thank you for being able to hear music, Holden's cute voice, the sound of someone calling my name, my professors lectures, and the laughter of people. Thank you for being able to see pretty flowers, hot boys, cute children, fascinating architecture.
Thank you for being able to smell blueberry scones, and rainy pavement. Thank you for being able to taste chocolate covered pomegranates, fried macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes with cream gravy. For being able to feel my blanky, shoulder rubs, and snowflakes on my tongue.

Thank you for walking, for running, for riding a bike, for clogging, for skipping, for dancing like a maniac, for being able to sit still.

Thank you, hands, for being able to write essays, poetry, journal entries, and songs. You can scoop the guts out of a pumpkin, you can play the piano and the ukulele. You can draw pictures. You can cook food. You can hold the hands of those you love. You can type into the computer.
I can lift little kids on my shoulders. I can run through sprinklers. I can do a headstand.

I can sleep at night, I can wake up in the morning. I can taste food, I can chew food, I can swallow food, I can digest food, I can poop food.

I can smile, I can cry. I can sing, I can be quiet. I can be hurt, I can heal. I can get sick, I can recover.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Conference weekend with the fam

AKA a post entirely dedicated to adorable things my almost three year old nephew, Holden, says.

Holden: How old are you, Hannah?
Me: How old do you think I am?
Holden: hmmm....fifty nine?

Me: Where are you guys moving?
Holden: To a new house.
Me: Lucky! I wish I was moving to a new house.
Holden: You can live in my house. Or you can just come visit, if you prefer.

Me: Do you know where I've been, Holden?
Holden: College at BYU?
Me: Yep!
Holden: I think maybe I'll go to college at BYU.
Julie: Not yet, Holden. Maybe when you get older!
Holden: Yeah...maybe when I'm 3.

Holden: I'm actually very good at pool.

Ethan: Holden has some buck teeth, doesn't he?
Everyone else: Rude!!
Holden (to Ethan): Well, you have dumb teeth.

Holden: (referring to Plants vs. Zombies) I love my garlic. Do I love my garlic? I love my garlic.

Holden: Are we going to conference?
Me: We're at conference right now!
Holden: What kind of conference? Maybe...GENERAL CONFERENCE!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Deaf like me.

This week here at the BYU is accessibility week. It focuses on being aware of people with disabilities, and appreciate how difficult things can be for them. There were different things you could experience, like using a wheel chair, or crutches, or wearing an eye patch. I decided to simulate hearing impairment, to be able to understand what my dad goes through a little bit more. As I did this, I took some notes of thoughts I had:
  • I can see people talking, but have no idea what they're saying.
  • I hope no one says hi to me, then is offended because I couldn't hear them and didn't say hi back.
  • I wish there was a way people could know I can't hear them.
  • That girl's shoes must be really loud if even I can hear them.
  • I wonder if this room is as awkwardly quiet as it seems
  • I'd probably say hi to this guy and remind him who I was if I could hear what he'd say back without making it weird and awkward and loud.
  • I feel like I am in an entirely different world than anyone else
  • I should wear these earplugs whenever I need to concentrate.
  • Good thing I got here early enough to get a seat on the front row. It'd be hard to have to be early for every class.
  • Has the subject we were talking about passed? Is what I'm going to ask now even relevent?
  • I sure hope I just said "amen" to a prayer I agree with, because I have no idea what he just said.
So, yeah. I'm really grateful to have all my hearing. Now I especially don't mind people making fun of me for wearing ear plugs at concerts, or not keeping my phone on loud. It was good to be able to see a little bit more of what my dad feels all the time.